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Connect and Cruise - Crate Powertrain Available From Mild to Wild!

Each Connect and Cruise Crate Powertrain System delivers a brand-new, fully assembled crate engine, a brand-new electronically controlled overdrive transmission, electronic control modules for both and the engine control hardware to get it all running in your project vehicle – including the mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensors and even the special throttle pedal for the engines’ electronic throttle bodies.

Content for each kit includes:

  • Brand-new, fully assembled crate engine
  • Brand-new transmission (4L65-E, 4L70E or 4L85-E)
  • SuperMatic transmission control module
  • Calibrated engine control module
  • Two oxygen sensors and mounting bosses (for installation in the exhaust system)
  • Mass airflow meter and mounting boss (for installation in the air intake system)
  • Throttle pedal assembly (for use with the electronically operated throttle)
  • Complete wiring harness with fuse box
  • Instruction sheet.

The engine and transmission are delivered separately. The transmission must be attached to the engine by the installer.

The engine and SuperMatic transmission controllers in the Crate Powertrain Systems are designed for true stand-alone performance in older vehicles. All that’s needed to get a vehicle running with the engine controller are power and ground sources, a high-pressure fuel pump and an electric cooling fan.

The SuperMatic transmission controller is the most fully integrated and user-friendly transmission control system on the market. Only a few connections are required to get the transmission ready for operation in your vehicle – and it is designed for tuning-free compatibility for the Crate Powertrain Systems’ engine control module.

Installing an electronically controlled automatic transmission in an older vehicle with a mechanical speedometer requires an aftermarket signal converter.

Enjoy the hassle-free performance with one of  the many Connect and Cruise combinations available!

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#19301326    LS3 / 430  - Call to order! 

Starting with the '08 Corvette, the world was first introduced to GM's latest small block V8 creation - the 6.2-liter LS3. A continuation of the industry leading V8 engines from GM Powertrain, the LS3 kicks out 430 horsepower and 424 lb.-ft. of torque. (In the Corvette, those numbers go to 436 hp and 428 lb.-ft. of torque with the optional dual mode exhaust system.) It's a brute of a small block with 376 ready cubes at your beckon call.


The LS series of engines from GM Powertrain have broken new ground for efficiency and performance from a pushrod platform engine. The LS3 continues the engineering breakthroughs with revised cylinder heads featuring rectangle ports borrowed from the vaunted LS7. The heads feature 63 cc combustion chambers, 2.16-inch intake valves, and 1.59-inch exhaust valves. The camshaft features an aggressive .551-inches of lift on the intake side with less overlap (than the LS2) for even greater airflow and power. Rocker arms with a 1.7:1 ratio sit on top of the heads.

In the bottom end, the aluminum 6-bolts/main block features 4.06-inch bores and 3.62-inch stroke. A nodular iron crankshaft, powdered metal rods, and aluminum pistons (10.7:1 compression ratio) round out a rev-happy short block. Red line for the LS3 comes at 6600 rpm, and you will get there very quickly.

With a high-tech GM foundation, aluminum block, and high flowing rectangular-port heads, the LS3 is the new standard in the small block world. The LS3 helps power the new Corvette to a top speed of 190 mph. What will it power you to?

#19260835   LSX454R / 750+ HP   - Call to order!

Quite simply the most powerful crate engine ever from Chevrolet Performance!

Drag racers take note! Chevrolet Performance's new LSX454R small-block V-8 crate engine delivers 750+ horsepower that will help you stay in front of the competition. More than the most powerful LS engine in our portfolio, it is the most powerful crate engine we've ever offered!

Our engineers designed LSX454R for the unique, high-rpm demands of drag racing.

It is a high-compression, solid-roller combination that uses our new LSX DR cylinder heads. These 11-degree, six-bolt aluminum heads feature raised ports that provide tremendous airflow. We complement them with an exclusive, high-rise open-plenum intake manifold and a Dominator-type carburetor.


The LSX454R's bottom end includes our LSX Bowtie cylinder block and an all-forged rotating assembly. It's also worth noting that while we rate the engine at 750+ horsepower in its naturally aspirated form, it is capable of supporting nitrous and other power adders for even greater power.

#19166393    ZZ427 / 480 HP   - Call to order!

The legendary 427-inch big block Chevy powered some of the most storied cars in the history of the high performance automobile.

This latest version holds true to that tradition, offering you a tough, 4-bolt main cast iron block with all a forged internal rotating assembly.

The top half of the engine is the same as the limited edition Anniversary

427 crate engine: oval-port heads that use 2.19-inch intake and 1.88-inch exhaust valves work with 1.7:1 aluminum roller rockers and a .510-inch intake/.540-inch exhaust camshaft. The intake is a matching, high-flow oval-port aluminum piece that gets fed the air/fuel mix from a 870 cfm carburetor. An HEI distributor, aluminum water pump, spark plug wires, and a 14-inch flexplate round out the package. Internally balanced, the ZZ427 will spin to 6000 rpm before it's time for you to shift.


The ZZ427 is an exciting trip back to one of the highpoints in the history of the Chevrolet big block. With a conservative 480 horsepower and loads of torque, it's still one of the best crate engines for just about any big block application.

#19201334    ZZ572 / 720 HP   - Call to order!

ZZ572/720R’s true value lies in its ready-to-run status when delivered. Rather than waiting weeks for a racing engine shop to build a custom combination, we deliver the ZZ572/720R fully assembled; just bolt on the included Dominator-style 1150-cfm carburetor, along with a starter and fuel pump (not included) and you’re ready to go.

The ZZ572/720R is built with the best stuff we can find, including an all-forged rotating assembly, rectangular-port aluminum cylinder heads with 113cc intake ports and 2.25/1.88-inch valves. There’s also a solid roller camshaft with 0.714/0.714-inch lift.


If you’re building the ultimate dual-purpose car, the ZZ572/720R is suitable for limited forays on the street. It has a 12.0:1 compression ratio, so make sure you’ve got access to 110-octane gasoline before hitting the local cruise night.

#19210008    350 / 330  Deluxe  - Call to order!

You won't go broke finishing off your project car with our 350 HO Turn-Key crate engine! It's packed with all the features you need to get a reliable 330 horsepower and 380 lb.-ft. of torque from a dependable, time-tested combination of GM Performance Parts.

Of course, all the components used in this engine are brand-new, not remanufactured parts like the competition is trying to sell you. Designed by GMPP’s in-house engineers to give you maximum return for your hot rod dollar, the 350 HO Turn-Key is a great choice for your small-block crate engine needs.

The 350 HO is based on a tough, Chevy four-bolt block that holds a strong nodular iron crankshaft, good rods, and aluminum pistons. The high-lift camshaft gives the engine its own unique, aggressive idle. The cam is based on the same one found in 1965-67 Corvette 327 engines, but it has even more lift and duration.

#12498777    ZZ454 / 440 HP  - Call to order! 

The ZZ454/440 offers tremendous value in a big-block crate engine. Based on the proven 454 HO with its Gen VI 454 block, the addition of GM Performance Parts Signature series aluminum heads reduce weight and increase horsepower to 440, up from the 454 HO’s 425.

The ZZ454 shares its forged crankshaft and connecting rods with GMPP’s 454 HO and the family of famous 502 crate engines, so you know it’s strong. Forged pistons fill the block, and a steel roller camshaft times the valves. Complete with dual plane intake manifold, water pump, torsional damper and automatic transmission flexplate, the ZZ454 is one value packed big-block crate engine.

With its throttle responsive 9.6 to 1 compression ratio, the pump gas friendly ZZ454 is a great choice for muscle cars, bracket racers and off-road truckers. Just add your 850 CFM carb, GM HEI distributor, and 2 1/4" primary headers and you’re ready to rip.

The ZZ454/440 in intended for use in 1978 and earlier preemission street vehicles and any year off-road vehicles. Equipped oil pan may not clear Chevelle and Camaro applicati

#12496769    Fast Burn 350 / 385 HP Base  - Call to order!

The Fast Burn 385 Base crate engine is delivered with an aluminum dual-plane intake manifold, HEI distributor, cast iron water pump, damper, and flexplate.

You only need to add a carburetor, fuel pump, starter, and plug wires to fire it up. All of these parts can be purchased from your GM Performance Parts dealer.

NOTE:  Intended for pre-1977 street vehicles and all off-road vehicles. Not intended for marine use.

Possible Applications:
  • Replace that iron-headed original
  • Make that show car a little faster than you first planned
  • Take it drag racing and see what happens
#19301360    LS3 376 / 525 HP    Call to order!

Using the LS3 production engine — the same used in Corvettes and Camaros — as the foundation for the LS376/525 helped keep the retail price lower, while the ASA camshaft is a proven, power-building component that has been successful in the high-rpm world of circle track racing.


The ASA camshaft is a hydraulic roller with .525-inch lift on both the intake and exhaust sides, along with 226 degrees duration on the intake side and 236 degrees on the exhaust side. Coupled with a tight, 110-degree lobe separation angle, it helps the engine deliver excellent throttle response and breath exceptionally well at high rpm. Chevrolet Performance complements this high-performance camshaft in the engine with higher-rate valve springs.


The cam also gives the LS376/525 the most aggressive personality among Chevrolet Performance's growing lineup of production-based high-performance crate engines, which also includes the LS376/480 (part number 19244549) and the carbureted LS376/515 (part number 19171225).


As delivered, the LS376/525 includes the intake manifold, with the injectors, fuel rail and throttle body already installed, along with the water pump and ignition system. Front-end accessories must be obtained separately, along with the engine controller kit.

Chevrolet Performance offers several accessory drive kits to suit a variety of applications and some installations for older vehicles will require Chevrolet Performance's Muscle Car Oil Pan Kit, part number 19212593.